Merlin Estates Residential Property Management Services

Merlin Estates Ltd was established as a national Residential Property Management Services Company providing a full range of essential services relating to Residential Property Administration.

Merlin Estates Ltd is an established family run business from which our residents benefit from dealing with fully trained professional personnel, who between them, have many years of experience in dealing with the day-to-day administration and maintenance pertinent to the Residential Property Management Industry.

About Us

Why choose Merlin Estates Ltd as your preferred Residential Property Management Services Agent?

Merlin Estates will provide a high quality and cost effective residential property management to both Developers and Residential Property Owners. The service levels will be agreed and clearly communicated to all parties concerned and by working closely with national Developers and the Directors of existing residential property Companies will ensure that an effective residential management strategy is professionally implemented.

Merlin Estates agrees performance standards with our Clients and these are measured on a regular basis providing clarification to all parties of progress being made therein. We ensure accountability to our Clients who pay their Service Charges and to carry out our duties related to Estate and Property administration with care and integrity whilst continuing to ensure that all appointed contractors are delivering the services our Clients are paying for.

Performance standards to be achieved are primarily agreed between Merlin Estates the Client at the commencement of our instruction. These are routinely measured with clarification of progress communicated to all parties concerned, along with any necessary recommendation for changes if applicable. . Accountability to our Clients is of paramount importance, and therefore we recognise that as guardians and trustees of their service charge accounts, they expect us to administer the funds with care, consideration and good governance.

As part of our delivery we will ensure that our Clients have peace of mind in the knowledge that their investment is being professionally managed thus meeting all compliance.

Merlin Estates prides itself that our fees are fair, and reasonable and well below the industry standard average.. More importantly, we charge a 'one off' fee with no hidden charges.

Should you consider inviting Merlin Estates Ltd to be your managing agents, we would advise a representative from your development making contact with our Fleet office to discuss a member of our team arranging a site visit to your development. Following the visit, we will be in a position to provide your representative with a comprehensive proposal for the residential property management services of your development. However, it does help if a member of our staff is able to discuss matters either on the telephone or in person with your representative in order to ascertain your exact 'site specific' requirements.