Maintenance and Contractor Services

Maintenance and Contractor Services

Property maintenance Contractors will be appointed from our approved "Contractors" Database to ensure your property is maintained to a high standard. This service provision will include all "soft services" as well as mechanical and electrical service requirements.

Although most residents will be aware of the more physical forms of Property maintenance taking place on the development, they will be totally unaware of the mandatory requirements such as ensuring the building complies to Health and Safety legislation, the provision of correct Property Insurance cover, provision of utilities supply and so on.

Our Property Managers/Surveyors will ensure that the Property Management Services are provided to a high standard and cost effective and thus will be in a position to monitor Property maintenance contractor's achievements by performing regular visits to site ensuring quality Property Management Service levels are being maintained.

Other contract service requirements are those involving mechanical engineering such as lifts, door entry systems, electronic entrance gates, pumping stations and water treatment plants. These particular items of equipment will require regular servicing and routine Property Management Services to ensure they continue to function safely and effectively.

Merlin Estates will assist and advise Directors on selecting the appropriate contractor to provide site specific effective service contract agreements for the specialised equipment. In addition the following services will also be provided:

  • The organisation and implementation of repairs
  • The provision of specifications of works – site specific requirements
  • Investigating the market place to obtain competitive quotations for repair works
  • Project Management for major repairs and redecorations

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