How to make a payment directly to Merlin Estates

If you are required to make a payment which does not include your Service Charge contributions  or Ground Rent payments (see bottom of page for more information) directly to Merlin Estates Ltd please send a cheque to the following address:

18-22 Victoria Court Albert Street Fleet Hampshire GU51 3RJ

Please make all cheques payable to:

Merlin Estates Ltd

Please enclose a short letter advising as to what the payment refers too.

Note:  Please include on the back of your cheque,  the following information from your cheque guarantee card:

  • The long 16 digit number across the face of the Cheque Guarantee Card
  • The Valid from date
  • The Valid to date

If you wish to make a payment for your Service Change and/or Ground Rent (if applicable) please refer to the following links:

How to make a payment for my Service Charge How to make a payment for my Ground Rent (if applicable)

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