Waste Management policies

Waste Management policies for Local Authorities differ around the country. Some local authorities provide a weekly collection for general waste, and fortnightly for re-cycling. It is always sensible to make contact with your Local Authority in order to receive advice concerning the disposal of waste from your home.

Merlin Estates are also required to conform to the Local Authorities Waste Management policies, and advise the residents within the block apartments regarding the disposal of waste which is kept within the communal bin store areas until collection day.

If any bulk items left in the communal bin store will not be removed by the Local Authority's waste department and as such will be required to be removed by a contractor who holds a Waste Transfer Licence. A Waste transfer licence is valid for a period of 3 years, a copy of which will be held by Merlin Estates. Each licence is a European wide licence and possesses a unique 8 digit code.

Unfortunately it will become necessary to charge residents if it is necessary to instruct a contractor to attend site to arrange the removal of non-domestic waste items and or bulk items to a licenced landfill site.

For transparency anyone who is found to in breach of the waste transfer European regulations will be reported to the relevant authorities.

It is illegal to knowingly permit any waste product to be disposed of in any location other than a licensed landfill site. Any person caught fly tipping on any developments managed by Merlin Estates Ltd will be reported to the Police.

Any contractor who is found to be fly tipping any waste which originated from a development managed by Merlin Estates will also be reported to the police.

Merlin Estates Ltd operates a zero tolerance policy regarding any breach of Waste Management Policies or legislation, at any of our managed developments.

If you require more information please call the Merlin Estates Team and we will be happy to assist you.

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