Pets Policy for Residential Management Companies

Policy of Keeping Pets within Block Apartments


Are we allowed to keep pets in our apartment or flat?

This is purely dependant on the clauses documented within the Terms and Conditions of your Lease Agreement.     In most cases Lease Agreements do not make provision for pets to be kept on the premises, and will go to the extreme in documenting in great detail animals and poultry which are included within the listing. However, in some cases Leases do make an exception whereupon animals may be kept as long as prior approval and authorisation is sought from the Landlord or it's agent and duly given in writing. In addition some Leases exist whereupon the type of pet permitted to be kept on the premises is clearly defined, e.g you may be permitted to keep gold fish, but not a dog.  In view of the above, we would highly recommend that before you undertake considering making any purchase, you contact us in advance so that we can advise you on the particulars documented within your Lease Agreement accordingly.


It states in the lease that we have to get permission from our Managing Agents; we live in a flat so can we have a cat or dog?

Before any decision is made , Merlin Estes will always contact the Directors of your Management Company in order to obtain their views on the matter.  The Directors will provide Merlin Estates with their definitive findings and make the decision to be passed on to the Leaseholder making the request.


Will the freeholder give permission for us to have a pet?

Where the Freeholder is independent to the Management Company, it is our experience that the Freeholder will always refer this request back to the Directors of the Management Company to make, especially if as in some Leases prior written approval must  be granted to the Leaseholder. In all other circumstances, the Freeholder will always refer to the compliance and Covenants as set out within the Lease Agreement.


We live in a house within a management company are we allowed to have pets?

If you live in a house, then you are classed as a Freeholder and as such are not restricted by the Covenants documented within Leasehold Agreements in place at your development.  However, there will be separate Covenants that you need to comply with attached to the Deed of Transfer for your property. We would like to ask that you ensure any pets you might own within your property, do not become a nuisance to other Shareholders or Members for your Limited Company.  

Please feel free to contact us if you would like to seek advice regarding the keeping of pets at your property.

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