Communal Bin Store Usage

As Managing Agents, it is imperative that we remind Residents  it is not permitted to "dispose or discard" personal items within the communal bin stores. It is the responsibility of each Resident to ensure that all "non domestic" waste is removed from site and taken to a local licensed landfill facility. It is important to remember that only general domestic waste is placed in the correct bins provided. In addition we ask that Residents refrain from leaving any other personal rubbish or indeed boxes/ packaging lying around the communal bin store areas.

As with the vast majority of Lease Agreements, The Deed Of Covenant clearly states "to deposit all domestic refuse only in the refuse disposal containers to be kept in the bin store areas'. The Local Authority's Waste Removal collectors will ONLY normally remove refuse which is correctly contained within the communal refuse bins.  However, it has been known for them to refuse to empty bins which have been overfilled and the lids cannot be closed.

Cardboard boxes, carrier bags and ALL other items will not be removed by Council Refuse Collectors unless they are placed within the appropriate waste container. In most cases, your Management Company employs contractors for cleaning, but this does not include the removal of rubbish or excessive cleaning to Refuse Areas. If they are asked to do this, the contractors will charge accordingly, thus increasing the cleaning budget allocation for the development.

Increased cleaning costs can only come from the pockets of Residents. May I suggest that you help us to help you keep your Maintenance Charges to a minimum by placing all of your rubbish in the correct bins, and do not leave any other rubbish or boxes lying around the refuse bin areas? It is often reported by a residents that the bins are being grossly misused by others insofar as domestic rubbish is often placed in the recycling bins, causing the waste to be deemed contaminated. The council will not collect this waste without prior discussion and as in every case thus far, standard charge will always apply.

Safe Disposal of Rubbish

Your Lease contains certain restrictions which you agreed to abide by when you either purchased or agreed to rent your apartment. These restrictions function as a code of good neighbourliness which, in turn must exist if all residents are to enjoy the benefits of their property. Your Deed of Covenant clearly states to deposit all domestic refuse only in the refuse disposal containers to be kept in the bin store areas. If the disposal of waste is not correctly controlled then the bins can very quickly present a possible Health & Safety risk, attracting cats, dogs and foxes to tear them open, which will in turn attract rats, mice and other types of vermin.

In order to prevent such a risk, it is imperative that all household refuse must be placed inside a plastic bin liner, tied securely at the top, placed inside the bins provided and not on the floor or outside the bin store. It is therefore important for Resident to ensure that all rubbish for disposal is not left as a target for animals or vermin. Please place it securely inside a bin liner tied at the top and placed inside the bins provided. Please do not leave it on the bin store floor, where it creates an obstruction and will not be taken away.

Merlin Estates Management Team

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